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Phase 1: Audit & Survey
On customer premises Audit & Survey are two essential tools for defining the performance and usability of your smart home system for Your unique property.

  • Smart home systems are becoming more popular due to their various applications that cover many aspects of our daily life, such as security, energy efficiency, health monitoring, entertainment, and convenience.
  • However, smart home systems also face some challenges, such as interoperability, privacy, reliability, and user acceptance.

Therefore, Audit & Survey helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different types of smarthome systems, as well as prioritizing the needs and preferences of the customer.

Via our Audit & Survey we go through the systematic process of collecting and analyzing all information on your unique and specific property and how to properly apply and deploy all the functionalities, quality, and security required for your smarthome system.

It's a time consuming process, carried out by an Engineer, at your location, with You, the Owner or your Property Manager.

In layman terms, it can be compared / associated to/as :
  • The retainer fee you pay to start working and consulting with a reputable lawyer.
  • The initial technical analysis an Engineer performs prior starting developing and coding software.

Typically our Audits & Survey are priced in those range figures:
  • 2 Bedrooms Condo : 700 - 900 EUR
  • 2 Bedrooms Villa : 900 - 1100 EUR
  • 3 Bedrooms Condo / Villa : 1000 - 1200 EUR
  • 4 Bedrooms Condo / Villa : 1400 - 1600 EUR
  • 5 Bedrooms Condo / Villa : 1800 - 2200 EUR
  • Above : TBD
Phase 2: Planning & Design
As the basis to any successful endeavor:
  • Plan Your Work,
  • Work Your Plan.
Planning & Design is a time consuming process, carried out by an Engineer, at our location, were all the data collected during the Audit & Survey is processed in order to define:
  • Time table with the Gant Chart of Operations.
  • Detailed Purchase Order of Materials.
  • Full details project estimate from start to finish. (with % contingency plan on unexpected events)

In layman terms it can be compared / associated to/as :
  • The work performed by an Architect / Engineer in designing and planning.

Typically our Planing & Design Services are priced in those range figures:
  • 2 Bedrooms Condo : 1000 - 1200 EUR
  • 2 Bedrooms Villa : 1200 - 1400 EUR
  • 3 Bedrooms Condo / Villa : 1400 - 1600 EUR
  • 4 Bedrooms Condo / Villa : 1800 - 2200 EUR
  • 5 Bedrooms Condo / Villa : 2500 - 3000 EUR
  • Above : TBD
Phase 3: Installation & Deployment
Our Installation follow a general schedule
  • Phase 3.1: Networking
  • Phase 3.2: Core System Programming
  • Phase 3.3: Devices Deployment
Each sub-phases go through a final testing & Validation cycle.

Pricing of the Install will vary based on a number of factors such as:
  • Size of the Property
  • Type of Products
  • Quantity of devices
  • Complexity level of integrations and programming
Pricing will be determined in Phase 2: Planning
Phase 3.1: Networking
Networking is the backbone of the smarthome.
This phase of Installation & Deployment is carried out first.
Partially off-site | Partially on-site.
Phase 3.2: Core System Programming
System Programming is the core / brain on the smarthome
This phase of Installation & Deployment is carried out second or in parallel with Networking.
Partially off-site | Partially on-site.

This is when we off-site
  • receive, unbox & test every single device.
  • upgrade the firmware of all smart devices.
  • install the system controller.
  • connect to the network & controller all smart devices.
  • finally all devices get labeled,
  • and a CAD map with labels is generated,
  • for an organized, precise and simple deployment at the property.
Phase 3.3: Devices Deployment
This phase of Installation & Deployment is carried out third, fully on-site.
It's the methodic process of installing each and every smart device in the planned locations.
Phase 4: Maintenance & Support
Once Your smarhome is installed, tested and delivered.
You will receive complete user support and instruction on how to operate your new smarthome.

And for the continuity of operations you will be offered to subscribe to one of our Maintenance & Support Contracts with different levels of SLA (service level agreement) to choose from.

In the support & maintenance we carry out :
  • system and software updates (that are important for security & reliability as well as addition of new features when released by the manufacturers.)
  • on-call support to resolve any issues: on-site or remotely